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What is a Private Retirement Plan?

PRPs are programs protecting and exempting funds, death benefits, and distributions from lien and seizure from creditors, including bankruptcy scenarios. California state creditor law includes PRPs.

Benefits of Private Retirement Plans


Funded with exemption rights, not transferring or gifting assets.


PRPs protect all assets, earnings, gains, and future values during accumulation and after disbursement for lifetime benefits as well as death benefits for heirs.

Little to no Cost 

When properly structured, PRPs capitalize on significant tax benefits and earning profits rather than incurring costs for the duration of the program.

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PRP Tax Benefits:

Tax Deductions

Tax Deferrals

Tax Credits

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Vital Components to a Properly Structured PRP

California case law tests key variables in PRPs. 

Components to include in your PRP:

  • Establish primarily for retirement, not creditor evasion.
  • Your Plan should be a “Plan.”  Your Plan must have an actuarial basis for funding.
  • Each Plan participant must have a Trust specifying the Trust’s tax intentions.
  • Must name Independent Trustees in Plan participants’ trusts. Crawford Trust may fill the role of Independent Trustee.
  • Your Plan must include an Independent Plan Administrator.

Getting Started With Your Private Retirement Plan: TRUST-CFO®

Crawford Trust partners with an industry leader in PRP administration, TRUST-CFO®. TRUST-CFO® developed the required Plan analysis, including upfront funding and annual benchmarking, and future plan distribution testing, maximizing Plan strength if and when tested.

PRP Evaluation Tools by TRUST-CFO® 

Learn which Californian creditor and tax exemption protection rights apply to you and which rights you may forfeit and which will help safeguard your assets.

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